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Does Your Business Need a Web Application?

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Developing a web app is a process that takes commitment from both the business and the developer. One of the first decisions most businesses face is determining if a custom-developed web app is needed or if an existing app can be reworked to fit their needs. For most industries, there are apps designed to meet the basic needs of businesses, such as inventory systems for retail businesses and shipping systems for manufacturers. If business is conducted through a standardized model with few deviations, these apps can be an ideal out-of-the-box solution that require little to no customization from a software developer. However, if the business takes a unique approach to operations or is the first of its kind in an innovative field, starting from scratch with a custom-developed app can work much better than trying to customize an app that is already on the market.

What Issues Exist With Customizing an Existing App?

While customizing an existing app might seem easier at first glance, heavy customization to out-of-the-box frameworks create a burden on technology management. Each time a new release from the framework is made, regression testing is required to make sure your customizations work as intended without affecting the core functions of the app. In the end, this option can cost as much as developing something new that meets the business’ specifications and carries the brand’s name and logo.

A custom web application can be the best option when the company has a no-compromise culture to its business and follows processes that aren’t common to other businesses in the industry.

How Much Time Is Involved in Creating a New App?

The average time needed to develop a custom app for a business can take a skilled team of software developers anywhere from three months to a year. While companies understandably want a firm timeline for how long app development will take, the truth is many factors can impact and delay the custom-development process. To get an accurate time frame on how long app development will take, the company should enter the process with a clear idea of the functions and features to be included in the app. Changes to these key functions or adding new ones once development has begun can lead to delays.

What Can a Business Expect During the Process of App Development?

The initial meetings and brainstorming the app’s functionality is a collaborative process that involves meetings with the development team and project management. During this process, a project brief detailing the scope of the app is developed. The actual process of designing the app then takes six to 12 weeks on average. Development and prototyping of the app can then take another one to three months. After testing, deploying the app to the marketplace can take another two to four weeks.