• Application & Hosting Maintenance

Application & Hosting Maintenance

Is security and up-time important to your internal corporate platforms or public facing websites?

We’ve been helping organization brings conistency and standards to their application and server-side maintenance routines.  Often times, even with large scale companies, applications and environments are mismanaged and critical areas requiring maintenance are explicated due to lack of awareness or resources.

SLA Availability

Maintenance to increase your security posture and avoid exploitable vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in technologies and lack of framework or module version control is one of the most easier way for an application to become compromised.  With With scraping software being created and used by hackers it requires little to no effort for them to identify application vulnerabilities and look for a quick and easy way to access your digital assets.

Quick responsive technology/application version control is something we have a great deal of experience in and is essential to maintain a healthy security posture.

Up-time monitoring Support & Customer SLA’S with 24/7 Support Availability

Making sure you application and websites are accessible to your users and ensuring that problems are handled irrespective of the hour is what we are here for.   Working as an extension of your organization we can accommodate several types of SLA’s.

We are completely flexible and able to handle a wide array of environments.   Contact us and share your technical and SLA requirements at:  contact@crossleaf.ca or 905.601.9049

Support & Bug Fix

Rely on us to solve your issues quickly and effectively without patch-up work.  

Technology Patching

Managing your side and application side technology is a must for minimizing your security exposure.

Up-Time Monitoring and Escalation

Keep things up and smooth sailing not and keep your s lorem leo ultricies et vitae enim.

Version Control

Don’t become a victim to an application breach by neglecting the basics of framework and module version control.

The basics of Server and Application Support


  • Routine App/Server CRON jobs 
  • Application side Vulnerability/Technology Patching
  • Framework Technology Patching
  • Component/Plugin/Module Monitoring
  • Version Control
  • Login Monitoring
  • Routine Scans & Active Remediation
  • Malware Scans & Additional Framework Security Monitoring
  • IP Event Throttling & Trap Setting
  • Firewall Maintenance
  • Support & Bug Fix


  • Back-ups (Rolling and Segregated) 
  • SSL Management 
  • Server Side Technology Patching
  • Database Optimization 
  • Monthly Traffic
  • Up-time Monitoring
  • Sever Load/Disk Space Monitoring
  • Firewall
  • Misc. escalations

What’s required to provide appropriate levels of support/maintenance

  • Well Defined SLA’s
  • Back-up Support
  • Clear Client & Vendor Expectations
  • Standard Operating/Escalation Procedures
  • Rapid Response Time
  • Consistency & Reliability

Consistency your can rely on
from your support team

It’s not all about time, maintenance requires qualifications and experience to catch a qualifying update requirement and determine the appropriate action.

Many of Canada’s largest organizations use and trust CrossLeaf to manage and maintain their server and application responsibilities.  

Keep smooth sailing

Trust CrossLeaf to deliver accountability and consistency