• Corporate Network Development

Corporate Network Development

We’ve built custom robust and engaging corporate networks for companies of all different shapes and sizes  ranging from 50 employees through to 6500.


Organizations often struggle or fail to implement an out-of-the box platform that achieves a unique business purpose and get’s adopted by the desired audience.  This could be due to a myriad of issues such as broken or un-intuitive workflows due to a companies unique business processes.


There comes a time when custom development based on the understanding of a unique application and the audience is required.  Through our agile methodology and experience developing applications both from scratch and customizing existing applications, we can be of service.

We can help with:

OOTB Customizations

If the out-of-the-box application is close to what you need but needs custom rework from SharePoint to household products, we can help! 

Full Development

End-to-end development in open or closed-source technologies.   We’ve provided fully custom development for the mid market to enterprise. 

Custom UX/UI Design

We match a flawless back-end developed with a strategic UX/UI optimized design that is tailor made to for your audience.

Training & Support

Learning shouldn’t be painful.   We are available for on-site, virtual training upon request and can provide support/maintenance or up-keep 24/7.

Unique application

One of Canada’s largest Financial Institutions was struggling to manage the acceptance and fulfillment of financial care requests that were coming from their employees.  This problem of status tracking, duplication and more also resulted in inefficiencies and inaccuracy with reporting that was consuming a high amount of work effort every month.

The Outcome

Web Engineers and Solutions Architects from CrossLeaf worked with our client to define a completely custom self-contained roll based corporate network that enabled the financial requests to be sent to the appropriate Financial Agent within their dashboard for completion.  This gave the employees complete visibility into the status of their claims.  We also automated and simplified the financial submissions through smart forms and fully automated the Administrator Financial Reports through simple export functionalities.

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Enterprise Security Approach


Robust QA & Deployment Strategy Experts


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We can help you win the battle of complex network planning and the execution of development. Our high caliber team has the Skillsets and experience required to provide an exceptional outcome.

Whether you have your requirements planned or need help defining them, we can be of service to guide your organization towards success.  Schedule an Account/Solutions Architect today or drop us a line to get started.  

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