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Web Application & Automation System Development

We help companies centralize, automate and simplify there business with custom built digital solutions.

Time is an asset that tightly managed and in today’s day and age redundancy and inefficient processes not acceptable.


Unique business processes in-part defines a company.  With unique business processes come unique challenges that out-of-the box products either don’t exist for or stray too far from what the company truly needs.

A custom purpose built solution crafted solely to accomplish a desired purpose can increase efficiency and reduce cost.   We help the companies that care for the how their contributing members spend their time.

Some examples of what we’ve done

  • Financial Tracking System:  Used by 1000+ employees
  • HR Hourly Activity Planning: Used by 6000+ employees
  • Data Collection & Trending:  used by over 1000+ employees
  • Social Network for Stock Traders:  used by over 650 Traders
  • Seniority Bidding System:  used by over 800+ Pilots 

Require something completely novel to your business? 
We’re the ones to help.  

What are some benefits to
Web App/Automation Platforms?

Accept Automation

Harness the power of automation and position yourself and your time in areas that cannot me. 

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Non-web based forms, duplicated data entry, manual reporting is a way of the past.

Greater Insights

Controlling your data allows for you to trend as specifically as your require.  

Tailor User-Experience

Satisfying you staff with a custom user-experience that makes there processes more enjoyable.

Unique application

CrossLeaf was requested by a Canadian Government organization to develop a tool that helped their Location Managers plan their staff’s weekly schedules.  The tool needed to predict hours based on historical data, advanced calculations while managing 35+ different data sources and give flexibly for manual override.

The outcome

CrossLeaf produced a completely custom .NET application enabling Location Managers, District Managers and Financial Administrators to have complete predictability into planning the hourly schedules of their staff.  The application provided the users with permissions to have complete flexibility in updating the data sources, automated all possible areas for efficiency.  The outcome resulted in organization saving costs by ensuring they don’t over/under provision their staff.

Factors needed for
Successful System Development

  • Well-Defined Requirements Planning
  • Strategic UI/UX Design
  • Agile Methodology
  • Advanced Programming
  • UAT/QA Testing

There are many moving parts when it comes to CRM or ERP Development. We help organize and make sense of the chaos, leaving no stone un-turned and aligning them towards your organization’s success criteria. 

Already know what you need
or need help with your requirements planning?

You can feel confident with CrossLeaf as your partner.  We’ve handled several user-based automation system that that range from low to high in their complexity.

Get in touch with CrossLeaf and we will help realize your ERP or CRM  environment the way it is intended; to it’s fullest potential.

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