• E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

We help you open your store front so that your customers can shop and buy whenever you offer and whenever they choose.   From a framework implementation to completely custom – we’ve got expert status experience.


Organizations often struggle to select the appropriate e-commerce framework and technology stack that will work best for there business.  Being vendor agnostic and having extensive industry and technical experience, we are able to guide your business/commerce requirement strategy helping you identify your accounting practices, inventory order management need to meet a successful outcome.  With complete development flexibility we are not bias to one specific framework as we’ve built and provided e-commerce solutions in both open and closed sourced technology including completely custom.

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Every e-commerce strategy should begin with a business analysis and workflow requirement planning.  This is for documenting and establishing an understanding of an organizations standard operating procedures and unique requirements in order to make the e-commerce platform fall in-line with existing procedures.  This process of aligning procedures will make the e-commerce platform a natural extension of the organization.   Considerations include selling regions, e-commerce manager permissions,  inventory, payment gateway, order fulfillment/managements, sales dashboards, trends and of course, not forgetting the end-user experience.


Adopting the agile methodology which involves frequent design/development touch-points, allows an organizations to precisely control the outcome of their e-commerce solution.  When working with complex business processes you need to take a step-by-step approach to ensure the vision works in the real life application.  With agile, having frequent touch-points, you can make adjustments on-the-go to ensure your outcome is spot-on.

E-Commerce Development Process

Assess Business Requirements

Document and address business requirements to qualify the proposed approach that meets your individual needs. 

Select E-Commerce Architecture

Whether it be open or closed-source, within a framework or completely custom, we can help you select the proper technologies. 

Design, Refine and Optimize

Bringing in agile working closely with the business to construct the most optimal solutions for your admins, contributors and customers.

Prepare Launch Strategy

We can establish a digital marketing strategy to get your online storefront announced to the world and in-front of your audience.

Unique application

Validated through a code audit provided by CrossLeaf, we found critical programming errors in a clients e-commerce application which led to missing data transfer, broken user-experiences, a security flaws.

The outcome

CrossLeaf spent time learning the business needs and rebuilt the custom online registration based e-commerce platform following Senior Programming Principles and Secure Coding Guidelines which automated and simplified the work administration and the user-experience.

What’s needed for Successful
E-Commerce Development

Business Process/Requirement Planning


Strategic UI/UX Design


Senior Programming


High Security Posture


Digital Marketing Strategy


We position your e-commerce
platform up for success

In an ever evolving digital world your online presence and ability to accommodate a customer is critical to your success.

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