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Government & Public Sector

Our organization brings qualified skills and speed to the Government organizations within Canada.

How do we fit in?

CrossLeaf brings speed, quality and flexibility to our Government and Public Sector clients.  Experience and seniority in both open and closed sourced technologies allows CrossLeaf to fit right in with the frameworks and technologies commonly used in the Public sector.

Acclimating your team with our members is simple and easy as CrossLeaf understands routine government IT and Marketing operating procedures which makes working with us a smooth and efficient experience.

Our organization is said to bring speed, quality and flexibility to Government Agencies.

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In an industry where standards and procedures are tightly regulated…

We’ve successfully handed an array of projects for which includes Digital Marketing, CMS Theme Development, Front-end & Back-end Development, UX/UI Optimization, PowerPoint Creation, Custom .NET Applications, SharePoint Master Theme Design & Implementation and much more!

Engage with CrossLeaf to harness our industry experiences to offer a unique perspective with an eager and able team.  We’ve got a tuned machine ready to handle standard or your most unique/ complex custom applications and marketing assignments.

Services most commonly used by our Government clientele:

Custom Theme Development

We enable non-technical government staff to make edits quickly and easily through a custom theme development and enjoyable training.   From AEM CQ to WordPress or a custom CMS, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Corporate Network

We have experience assembling custom Project Collaboration Tools, Custom Self Contained Environments and even designing and implementing fully fledged SharePoint environments.

UX/UI Strategy & Optimization

We’ve helped meet corporate goals to increase employee engagement and customer engagement through our analytical understanding of user- behaviour.

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