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CRM & ERP Development

We help Canada’s mid-market and enterprise control, automate and simplify their internal processes to streamline their business.


Does your company have unique business processes?  A different way of operating than the industry norm?  Many times, off-the-shelf products are not suitable for companies with unique business processes and to customize a off-the-shelf products could lead to a myriad a issues and an imperfect outcome.


If you are not willing to settle for meritocracy with a partially functional solution, the direction to take is a lean custom solution that includes your exact business workflows and business process requirements.  We’ve built custom CRM/ERP’s for some of Canada’s largest companies in the Financial and Aerospace industries and we likely do the same for you!


The only approach we believe in to achieve perfection with a solution that is perfectly molded to a clients needs is through Agile and Scrum.  With agile you are able to precisely control the outcome of a solution feeding constant feedback into iterative progress.  When working with complex business processes you need to take it step-by-step to allow you to ensure it will work for your organization.  With agile, you can achieve exactly that instead of guessing the workflows through vague descriptions and realizing errors when your too far in.

Perfected Fitted

A solution to match your exact business process to avoid workflow challenges and employee dissatisfaction. 

Easy Interface

Our UX/UI Specialist know the physcology of user habits and preferences.  We help manage function with a intuitive design.  

Version Control

With your own custom solution, you avoid global updates to out-of-the box products that may affect your application stability.  

Don’t ever pay a licence fee

Being the owner of what you build, you do not need to pay bank breaking licence fee’s year-over-year. 

Unique application

A client with a disjointed ERP system piecing together multiple products in attempt to provide a partial solution. This resulted in paper based, duplicated and even lost data and with process that did not effectively communicate together and as a result created inefficiencies with more work.

The outcome

CrossLeaf spent months working with the client to identify the unique business process, redundancies and area’s of opportunity to make daily operations more effective.  The result was a lean single self-contained ERP environment that was quickly adopted and provided the staff and upper management the tools they require to get their job done effectivley.

What’s need for Successful
ERP and CRM Development

Client/Vendor Communication


Strategic UI/UX Design


Business Workflow Comprehension


Strategy and Effective Management


High Security Posture


It’s time you regained
control over your organization

Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity.  Allow your company to flourish with simply and easy tools to make rudimentary tasks less time consuming and more rewarding.

Contact CrossLeaf for more information and or schedule a Solutions Architect into your office to begin step one of improving your companies organizational and resource planning effectivness.

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