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Merging proficient web engineering with an elevated user-experience.

CrossLeaf Web Engineering is a IT & Digital service provider for government, mid-market and enterprise clients who don’t settle for second-tier.

Web Engineering

Web Design

E-Commerce Dev.

ERP & CRM Dev.

AI & Data Science

Secure Code Review


Providing Canada’s Government and Public Sector with Modern Custom Design and Back-End Development

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Experience with CrossLeaf


Custom CRM & Money Management System for one of Canada’s largest Insurance providers

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Application Development Process


Front & Back-end Development for Canada’s Premier SaaS based Cyber Security Firm

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Custom Seniority Bidding and Corporate User Network Web Application used by 800+ Pilots

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We are a team of 75+
top-tier Web Engineers,
UX/UI “Psychologists,”
Expert Project Managers
Design Specialists,
and Digital Marketers.

Our team is brought together with shared optimism that strategic design and robust web engineering combined with a thorough understanding a targeted user can evolve a brand and improve any internal inefficiencies.

What do our clients have to say about us?

Hear what our clients have to say about us

We continue to have a wonderful working relationship with CrossLeaf throughout the years in areas such as UX/UI, Web Design and Web App Development. Excellent group of Digital Specialists.

Samantha Widthlow

Marketing Manager at FCT
Canada’s Largest Title Insurance Provider

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