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Custom Web Design & Development

We help Canada’s mid-market and enterprise companies differentiate themselves in a crowded digital marketplace.

With Custom Web Design, the opportunities are endless. Our specialized team will work with you to build a solution that fulfills your company’s unique needs and works diligently to make the “impossible,” possible.  In other words, if you have an idea, we find a way to turn it into reality.

CodePen - Responsive (Desktop to Mobile) Animation


Each company will prelude with “we will make your website mobile responsive.” Being Mobile Responsive is important, but it’s not enough.  It takes research, careful planning and an abundance for creativity to create a successfully experience on both on mobile and desktop. Our top tier UX/UI Designers work with you to bring your vision to life and create a clear, but engaging user journey, even on the smallest of screens.  Every custom website is masterly coded using the latest technologies to provide long term scalability and flexibility. This in turn provides a superior level of code integrity and security. Our goal is to give your company a competitive edge over your competitors in a highly saturated web environment.


The only approach we believe in to achieve perfection with a solution that is perfectly molded to a clients needs is through Agile and Scrum.  With agile you are able to precisely control the outcome of a solution through constant feedback and iterative progression.  When working with complex business processes you need to take it step-by-step to allow you to ensure it will work for your organization.  With agile, you can achieve exactly that instead of guessing the workflows through vague descriptions.

Our Web Engineers mindset

Custom is a Perfect Fit

Our solutions are built for you, with you in mind to match your business needs and process to avoid workflow challenges or client dissatisfaction.  

Audience First

Our UX/UI Specialists study the psychology of user habits and client audiences. They understand what users like and how to direct them along the desired conversion paths.

Version Control

With a custom solution, you avoid many of the risks associated with vulnerability based system updates for out-of-the box websites.  

No Licencing Fees

You are the owner of what we build for you.  There are no bank breaking licensing fees or year-over-year charges. Each solution is designed and developed especially for you.

Our Process







Each of our clients has unique requirements specific to their operations, brand and change management standards. Our goal is to provide our clients with a solution to meet all their needs.

As part of our mandate to better serve our clients, a key piece of the puzzle has always been to establish a clear chain of communication and to gain as much information as possible, as early as possible.

What Makes a Custom
Web Design Project Successful:

  • Strong Client/Vendor Communication
  • Strategic UI/UX Design
  • Business Workflow Comprehension
  • High Code Integrity & Diverse Technical Acumen
  • A Captivating End Result

There are many moving parts when it comes to web design. We help organize and make sense of the deliverables, leaving no stone un-turned and aligning them towards our success criteria. 

It’s time for you to take control of your online presence.

A good website meets client expectations and goals, but the CrossLeaf team works to exceed them– just ask any of our clients.

Have questions? We understand that somethings are better explained in person. As part of our initial client discovery process, a CrossLeaf Solutions Architect will come down to your office and answer any questions you may have commitment free. 

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