• CMS & Theme Development

CMS & Theme Development

Empower your non-technical staff to make changes to your website without having to send IT another change request.


With today’s leading industry standards, you don’t have to substitute form for flexibility.   With the right digital team, we can take a simple content management system and upgrade it to a powerful content and design editing tool that can make non-technical teams design like heroes!  We know the ins-and outs, limitations and potential of our industries most used content management systems in both the open and closed source environments.


It could be hard to select the right CMS for your business.  CrossLeaf having developed and supported over 10 different CMS environments we can give you the insights to make an informed discussion.  Whether it is a question related to flexibility, security standards, or e-commerce or more, we can help.

Refined Experience in:
  • Django CMS
  • AEM CQ
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Magento
  • osCommerce
    Zen Cart
  • SharePoint
  • .NET
  • or completely custom!

Editing without limits

Don’t limit your content management potential due to a poor CMS.  Empower your designers.

Automate Controls

There is no point in a CMS if you still need to write code to stylize elements to be consistent with your look and feel.  

Applications and Enhancements

With a enterprise grade CMS, you have endless possibilities to modularize components useful to managing and tracking your websites performance.

Develop a Standard

With a custom element base CMS you can auto stylize your elements to carry the consistent brand representation.  

Unique application

A Government IT department was overloaded with website change requests from there Marketing department and engaged CrossLeaf to develop a theme based on the Adobe Experience Manager Content Management System.

Cool marketing ideas

CrossLeaf went beyond the basics of CMS theme development and built the AEM theme with custom components to enforce design standards for consistency and enable the Marketing Department editors to make updates quickly and easily.   This created quicker turn around times for Marketing and allowed their IT department focus on there priorities.

Qualities needed for
Theme/CMS development

  • Understanding Admin/Editor Needs
  • Advanced Programming
  • User & Permission Management
  • Secure Programming
  • Stylesheet and Module Development

There are many moving parts when considering CMS or Theme Development. Our experience helps organization control the chaos, enabling your organization to efficiently manage content and design consistency. 

Empower your staff
Automate your processes

The benefits of a CMS if controlled and properly executed are endless.  At CrossLeaf we are in the right position to elevate your content managers CMS experience and maintain CMS standards.

Engage with CrossLeaf to speak with a Solutions Architect who can help determine which CMS is right for your organization.

Want to make content management simple?

Let CrossLeaf help you empower your business.