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Financial Institutions

Our organization is a trusted partner of some of Canada’s largest Insurance companies and Banks.

How do we fit in?

Financial Institutions place importance on quality, security, privacy and operational procedures. As a full-stack agency, we are able to service our financial sector clients in alignment to all of these needs.  Our experience and industry insights has allowed us to become an ingrained part of each client’s digital and marketing departments, continuously contributing, providing value and elevating their overall digital footprint.


CrossLeaf has successfully accomplished tasks for our financial sector clients using both deliverable and traditional Time and Material based contracts following the Agile Methodology.

Utilizing either approach, we take extra effort to uncover the scope through a robust discovery process in order to understand the project and the effort required to to meet success criteria on that task whether it be: Design, Development or Digital Marketing.

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In an industry where information security and quality cannot be compromised

We have consistently provided exceptional custom web applications, extranets, intranets and much more.  Our financial sector clients always want to have their customers and employees to have a seamless experience and as such they utilize our UX/UI specialists that understand the art and the science of user-behaviour.


Financial institutions except high attention to their marketing strategies.  As such, decisions must be data driven and the set it and forget it management model will not cut it.  As a boutique full-stack agency, CrossLeaf can to fulfill those requirements by assigning appropriate specialties and enough human resources to handle our accounts with care and the precision that our clients expect.

Services commonly provided to our Financial clients:

Custom Design and Development

We’ve successfully designed and developed both intranets and public facing websites for clients in the financial sector

Digital Marketing Strategy

It all starts with a strategy. You can’t measure what you can’t define. We help your team define your success criteria and put the processes in motion.

UX/UI Strategy & Optimization

A well functioning software without engagement is still a failed outcome.  Marry great development and UX/UI Optimization to provide your users with a seamless light experience.

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We have industry experience working with Financial Institutions