• Manual Secure Code Review Service

Manual Secure Code Review

Supporting enterprise teams to write strong and secure code

The safety and security of your business application begins right at the source.  A secure code review is the practice of analyzing source code for security-oriented deficiencies to identify an applications security state, directly at the code level.

With certified and experienced Security Analysts, CrossLeaf takes a detailed approach to conduct a line-by-line assessment of your applications source code, following the OWASP standard.  We’ll leverage qualified tactics with manual code reading, following user inputs and functionality to reveal the complete codebase. Our final stage involves our Security Analysts producing a validated, hand-written, Findings Report and Executive Summary documenting security-oriented deficiencies, with their severity measure and recommendations for remediation for review.  A Findings Review session is also offered to your application stakeholders and Programming team to cover and triage the documented findings.


<div class="rect"></div>
<div class="code-html"></div>
<div class="code-css"></div>
<div class="code-js"></div>
<div class="editor-block"></div>


.rect {

background: linear-gradient(


$gray 0%,

$dark-gray 100%);}


var colors = ["#74B087”, "#DE7300”, "#74B087"];

// Run the function
function animate() {}

Why Secure Code Reviews are Integral?

Enabling a strong security posture and a stable foundation to build upon relies, at its roots, on the code integrity of your applications source code. Without assessments of your source code, you won’t be aware whether your application has right security mechanisms in-place to defend itself against a motivated attacker.  The secure code review acts as an audit to identify security-oriented deficiencies and programming malpractices so that you can better ensure robust application releases and deployments into production.

Supporting your Development Team

Secure Code Reviews are provided to support and compliment your Development team on their path to continuous improvement enabling them to write more robust code. Without review and feedback, the same programming and security errors can be written and produced overtime. This will compromise the integrity of your applications security state and will make it more difficult reverse the more your applications continue to expand in size and functionality. To support your Development team, our Secure Code Review will be comprehensive and provided as a learning format for their benefit and growth.

What makes our SCR stand out?

Line-by-Line Assessment

Commodity off-the-shelf tools alone will not provide an accurate depiction of your security state.  Our Security Analysts, dedicated to the art and science of Secure Code analysis, manually review and validate findings.  

Security Analysts & Programming Experts

To provide deep insights, our Security Analysts work hand-in-hand with our in-house Developers to thoroughly understand and triage the inputs and functions of your code. 

Validated Hand Written Reports

We don’t rely on automated jargon exports but provide professionally-written reports with validated findings.  Our reports will identify and demonstrate the root cause while rationalizing the severity of the findings.

Virtual Findings Review

To supplement our Executive and Finding’s Reports, we provide a live comprehensive walk-through of the reported findings lead by our Security Analysts for your application programming teams and executive sponsors.   

Want to Improve your Source Code?

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