• Cyber Security and Information Protection

Cyber Security and Information Protection

Our organization has demonstrated excellence in the marketing and fulfilling of custom development for top caliber Cyber Security companies in Canada.

How do we fit in with Cyber Threat Intelligence firms?

CrossLeaf has been involved in providing cyber security clientele with services since 2014. As expected, Cyber Security companies put security and privacy at the top of their agenda. Taking on a cyber security client involves intensive background checks, biometrics and specialist testing. These measures are used to ensure that users who have access to sensitive data will handle them with the appropriate levels of care and regimented operating procedures.


Our experience has led us to become refined in the high standards of the cyber security landscape. CrossLeaf has successfully accomplished assignments for our cyber security clients using both deliverable and traditional Time and Material based contracts.

As part of every opportunity that involves integration or back-end development, CrossLeaf follows secure code guidelines which increases the application’s security posture, resulting in high penetration testing scores. Having become well-versed in these practices, CrossLeaf can help apply this experiences to help elevate your organization.

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In an industry where data integrity is paramount

We consistently build top-tier custom web applications and produce revenue generating digital marketing strategies that assist our clients in elevating their digital game to new heights.

Engage with CrossLeaf to harness our industry experiences to help elevate your organization. We’ve got the Cyber Security industry covered with Custom UX/UI Design, Internal Applications and Growth Generating Strategies.

Services commonly used by our Cyber Security clients:

Custom Design and Development

Cyber Security companies need to build a unique brand in the digital market place to help grow customer awarenss.  We can help you create a unique digital footprint starting with your website.

Custom Corporate Portal

Need a dashboard for your clients or an internal event monitoring platform? We can help with that and much more!

UX/UI Strategy & Optimization

Increase engagement and elevate your web applications with a creatively mature user experience.  Utilize our Specialists who focus on Analytics and User-Behaviour.

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