• Top Cybersecurity Issues Your Business Should Be Defended Against

Cybersecurity attacks are constantly changing and taking new forms to trick the defenses businesses have put in place. With so much potential gain for hackers with malicious intent, the motivation to keep innovating new ways to penetrate a network’s defenses is always present.
Here are some of the most popular cyberattacks your business should be protected against:


While not a new approach, ransomware has risen to become one of the most prominent threats to corporate security. In a ransomware attack, cybercriminals target a business with a malware attack that blocks access to the data needed to operate. While these attacks used to be easy to resolve, modern ransomware attacks employ encryption to make it impossible to retrieve the business data without the decryption key. Many companies have paid millions in ransom to hackers to get their data back, including prominent businesses like Zynga and Capital One.

Employee Errors

Another issue that is far from new for employers is dealing with the mistakes that employees make and the consequences that can arise. The new aspect of this long-standing problem is the amount of information an employee error can expose. An employee’s failure to protect sensitive information can lead to leaks that impact the core business. Common employee errors include:

  • Failure to create a secure password or use of a default password, making it easy for hackers to access information
  • Opening emails and downloading Trojan viruses, leading to potential ransomware attacks
  • Lack of vigilance when keeping private information secure, from printing documents with sensitive information to failing to lock workstations when they leave

Increased Risk of Remote Work Setups

The rapid transition to remote work, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, means more people are working from home than ever, and many of them are undereducated about keeping themselves protected from cyberattacks. Without a firewall and other security measures in place on their home network, employees can be inadvertently exposing sensitive information every day.

Identifying the newest risks to your business and consulting skilled software developers on steps you can take to protect against them can help propel your business forward.

“As cybersecurity leaders, we have to create our message of

influence because security is a culture and you need the

business to take place and be part of that security culture.”


– B. Hommertzheim